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Kids, get ready to have some fun! 
The Foam Party Machine is the ultimate interactive experience.
First step to booking your event is to pick a date & time for your party.
All of our Foam packages include a Foam machine, pump and party pit.
Foam solution must be purchased seperately @ $35 (1\2 gallon on Ebay). One 1/2 gallon makes 100 gallons of foam.
The following prices are subject to travel charges outside our area.


10 ft x 10 ft Foam Pit
This party foam pit is designed for small locations
Perfect for ages 2 thru 6 years old.
Can accommodate up to 6 children at a time.
1 Hr. Rental - $250


20 x 20 foot Foam Pit
This Foam Pit is for large groups
Perfect for ages 7 and up.  
Can accommodate groups of 10+ at a time. 

1 Hr. Rental - $250